our mission

respect  *  confidence  *  responsibility  *  trust

You must earn your horse's respect.
 You have to have confidence in yourself to make friends with an animal that outweighs you by 1,000 pounds.
 You need to be confident that you have the ability to communicate to your horse that YOU are in charge.
 You need to listen and pay attention to signs and signals your horse gives you.
 You need to learn to trust your horse, and your horse needs to learn to trust you.

At the Double L Ranch, we teach riding with a focus on complete horsemanship. 

Our professional staff has been trained in all phases of horsemanship. 

We are all committed to working with our students to reach their goals.

We have top-quality lesson horses, for those of you who don't have a horse. 

Give us a call. We are looking forward to enhancing your riding experience!


At the Double L Ranch

The Double L Ranch invites all riders who are interested in learning how to partner with your horse or mule and how to successfully and safely ride a trail challenge.


Linda Laird will be coaching the clinics with all clinics designed to teach important skills including how to read a trail course, cowboy etiquette, confidence and partnering with your animal to allow you and your animal to safely negotiate any trail challenge. You will learn how to negotiate obstacles at any level and how to build your, and your animals’ skills.

Sign up: Call Linda at (760) 872-3515 or (760) 937-1026,
or Debbie Barbieri at (760) 590-4686

What: Trail Clinics

Check in at 11:30

Time: 12:00  noon to ????

Cost: $50 each

When: Sunday March 3, 2019

Where: Double L Ranch

               1181 Ruldolph Rd.

               Bishop CA 93514